Each month, we offer a variety of activities in which our moms and children are able to participate.  Click here for the Sample Calendar.  Please note that activities, days, and times do vary from month to month!

If you are a new or current member and need a copy of the latest calendar, please send us an email to our Activities Coordinator (listed in the contacts section at the bottom of our newsletter) with your request.

Our club now has an activities Google calendar that can be synced with your personal calendar! It is easier than ever to have upcoming club events at your fingertips. If you would like access, please send the email address associated with the calendar you want to use to our Activities Coordinator**.


** If you are current member and need to contact a board or committee member, please refer to the contact list at the bottom of the most recent newsletter.  If you are new member who does not have access to a newsletter yet, please use our Contact Us page.